LGBT+ Consortium Seeking Applications from Small Groups

Funding to support the work of smaller targeted, intersectional voluntary organisations.
Deadline: 30th October 2022
Grants must be fully spent by: August 2023

With less than a month until the deadline, the LGBT+ Futures: Equity Fund has opened a ‘Really Small Grants Programme’ to attract smaller grassroots applicants. The programme, which features a
simplified application process with fewer questions, will accept requests of up to £1,000. Constituted not-for-profit groups can apply, as long as their primary purpose is to support one of the following target groups within the LGBT+ community:

  • Trans and Non-Binary people
  • LGBT+ people from Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities and LGBT+ people of colour
  • LBT+ women
  • Older LGBT+ people
  • Disabled LGBT+ people

Funding is intended to be as flexible as possible. Grants can cover both project and core funding, providing organisations can demonstrate they are making a meaningful impact in their targeted

LGBT+ Futures: Equity Fund (