Lush Charity Pot
Deadline to apply Open
Size of Grant £100 - £10,000
Fund Type Community
About the funding

Lush Ltd, a privately owned company which is a cosmetics retailer. They are running a small grant for small grass-roots organisations working in environment, animal protection and human rights, with priority for less popular causes that aim to create long-term change and struggle to find funding.

The grants can be used for:

  • Less popular causes that aim to create long-term change and which struggle to find funding
  • Support for ‘non-violent direct action’ groups, ie those which have no intention of physically harming others or threatening to do so. This includes protests, demonstrations, non-cooperation, non-violent interventions, or, occasionally, facilitating (eg communication costs) peaceful civil disobedience
  • Projects that provide aid and support, such as animal shelters and refugee support and advice groups
  • Vegan, vegetarian and animal rights campaigning, anti-vivisection groups, TNR projects, wildlife sanctuaries that home animals no longer able to be released, and animal sanctuaries with a no-destruction policy and where the animals are not ‘used’ (eg in animal assisted therapies, being ridden, or as part of a petting zoo etc)
  • Campaigning project costs
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