The Kings Fund Update

Are community diagnostic centres (CDCs) really moving care closer to home?
The vision is for CDCs to be ‘one-stop shops for checks, scans and tests’, designed to achieve early diagnoses for patients and timely treatment and intervention. But are they delivering on this vision, removing barriers to access and moving care closer to home? Charlotte Wickens, Danielle Jefferies and Sneha Sircar examine the evidence.

Poverty and the health and care system: the role of data and partnership in bringing change
Poverty causes ill health, drives inequality in health outcomes and increases use of health services. Their latest publication considers how successful sharing and acting on data can support health and care systems in mitigating, reducing and preventing poverty’s effects on health.

Can Deaf and disabled people’s organisations help shape health and care services in the UK?
Disabled people have historically experienced a range of barriers to accessing health care. Manishta Sunnia’s blog outlines how working in partnership with Deaf and disabled people’s organisations could enable health services to better meet the needs of those who use them.

Has the public fallen out of love with the NHS?
Dan Wellings from The King’s Fund dispels the myth that the public has fallen out of love with the NHS, and argues that instead of questioning the core principles of a tax-funded system, the debate should instead focus on how the health service can be sustained.

Centre for Mental Health – A working partnership: a guide to developing integrated statutory and voluntary sector mental health services
Increasingly, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) are being expected to work together to shape and deliver integrated mental health (and other health) services. This guide has been developed drawing on the experiences of a significant number of people actively involved in the development of integrated mental health services across the country from a range of perspectives. It reflects the many common themes and suggestions they shared.  Read more

The King’s Fund is proud to announce the launch of our new Futurelearn programme, Leading well for staff health and wellbeing in the NHS. Read more about the programme below and discover some of our upcoming events. View courses here.