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The Trust makes available small grants to help individuals in need, it has no restrictions on the type of beneficiary.

They provide timely, small, one-off grants to individuals and families in need of financial support

In light of an upturn in applications the categories they consider for grants have now had to be prioritised. This is detailed as follows with the categories lower down the list only being provided with a grant in exceptional cases or not at all:

  • White goods (cookers, washing machines, refrigeration)
  • Beds & Mattresses
  • Bedding
  • Childrens’ clothing
  • Baby needs
  • Adult clothing
  • Household items
  • Flooring
  • Educational computer equipment/TV license
  • Vocational training/driving lessons

Equipment and adaptions applications will still be considered but within the budgetary constraints identified above.

They invite applications from referral agencies on behalf of individuals as they believe that by working with others they can provide greater support.

Apply any time.

For more information go to the Trust website (opens in a new tab)

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