Is your charity’s investment service right for you?

EdenTree Investment Management has a long history of working collaboratively with our charity clients to help them achieve their investment objectives. When a charity invests in an EdenTree investment solution we provide them with a first class service that looks to meet their financial and partnership requirements:

EdenTree communicates clearly and honestly
Our charity clients know our communications are direct, prompt and open helping to provide some reassurance when markets are turbulent.

EdenTree understands each of our clients has unique needs
Our charity clients take comfort in solutions designed to achieve their individual investment objectives rather than being pigeon holed into a generic investment strategy. Our clients know that their investment risk is appropriate for their objectives.

EdenTree helps to protect our clients’ reputations
Our charity clients know that their mission and values are understood and represented in their investment portfolio. They appreciate that EdenTree is entirely transparent with our ESG screening and our company engagement ensuring there are no surprises.

For more information on how your charity can become an EdenTree client please contact:  [email protected].