Wolfson Foundation
Deadline to apply 1st July 2024
Size of Grant Discretionary of the trustees
Fund Type Community
About the funding

The Foundation strives to provide financial backing for capital infrastructure projects across various sectors including science and medicine, heritage preservation, arts and humanities, education, as well as health and disability initiatives.

Match funding is required for projects where the total project cost is above £50,000 and should be in place at the point of submission of a Stage 2 application. 

The following match funding criteria applies:

  • Arts and humanities, science and medicine or health and disability programmes: The Foundation typically stipulates that a minimum of 25% of the project’s capital costs must be secured prior to submission, except in cases where the project cost is below £50,000.
  • Schools/education programme: For projects exceeding £1 million in total cost, a 25% match funding is obligatory. Projects falling within the range of £50,000 to £1 million necessitate some matching funds. Conversely, projects with a total cost below £50,000 do not mandate any match funding.
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