Funding to support councils most affected by poor-quality supported housing

On 12 November, DLUHC announced £20 million funding to support councils most affected by poor-quality supported housing.  Supported housing provides accommodation alongside care, support, or supervision for residents who may have experience of homelessness, mental health issues or domestic abuse.

The funding will enable councils to step up inspection of accommodation standards and will also improve local enforcement of the quality of accommodation and support to residents.

Poor performing landlords will need to improve and provide better accommodation and support or face enforcement action, including penalty charge notices of up to £30,000, prohibition orders on the most dangerous properties or, in some circumstances, prosecution.

Earlier this year, the government, in close collaboration with pilot councils, published a summary of the good practice from earlier pilots (“Local Authority Interventions to Improve Quality in Supported Housing”, click here). This is intended to help councils better manage their local supported housing.