abrdn Financial Fairness Trust

The trust will fund research, campaigning and policy work to improve living standards and personal finances for people on low to middle incomes in the UK.

The Aviva Community Fund: Crowdfunding

The Aviva Community Fund supports applications for forward-thinking projects that enable causes to adapt their vital services and innovate to create a brighter, more sustainable future.

The Glasspool Trust – Essential Living Fund

The Essential Living Fund offers small grants for household items and essential clothing to those who are in financial need to help cope when things get tough, manage better day-to-day and build a stronger future.

Community Shares Booster Fund

This funding aims to support new and existing community businesses in England that are at all stages of a community share issue.

COSARAF – Hardship Fund

This fund aims to support individuals and families who are struggling with everyday costs, such as basic living expenses, household items and utilities, or rent arrears.