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Friends of the Elderly

By February 1, 2018Funding Opportunities

Friends of the Elderly aims to alleviate the worry and stress that living on a low income can cause.

If you live in England or Wales, are of state retirement age and are living on a low income, get in touch as their grants could help. They currently have three types of grants available:

  1. Home essentials – to cover the cost of replacing everyday items, small home repairs and mobility adaptations.
  2. Digital connection – can be used towards the cost of equipment, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as broadband costs.
  3. Financial support – to help with unexpected bills and large costs, such as utility bills, funeral costs or moving fees.

Applications need to be made through a referring agent. This can be someone working in local health or social care teams, the Citizens Advice, or other charities and community groups.

Please call them if you aren’t sure if you are eligible.

Otherwise, talk to your referring agent and get started today by downloading the application form and guidance notes from the website, or contact them by email at hello@fote.org.uk or call on 0330 332 1110.

You can find out more details of how to apply on their website (opens in a new tab)

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