Disability charity evicts residents due to ‘chronic underfunding’ of services

Disability charity Leonard Cheshire has evicted some of its care home residents due to the organisation being unable to cover increased costs. Leonard Cheshire told the Guardian that several local councils it provides contracted services for have not increased funding to cover costs that have risen due to high inflation. Since February, the charity has served 11 eviction notices linked to contracts “under negotiation without agreement”. Of these, two were overturned after the contracting authority agreed to pay for higher costs. The charity, which works with 138 local authorities, reported that 12 of its care home residents across the country are at risk of being evicted. Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2021 show that Leonard Cheshire supports over 2,500 disabled people and has 71 residential services, which include care and nursing homes, alongside 53 supported living services. See more at: civilsociety.co.uk