Weekly Phone Calls from FoodCycle Volunteers: Fighting Isolation

Week in, week out, here at FoodCycle we nourish the hungry and lonely in our communities with delicious meals and great conversation. Anyone, from any walk of life, is welcome, no questions asked.

Our Check-in and Chat service is a chance for anyone to have a conversation with our FoodCycle volunteers once a week, to feel connected to others, to chat about food, to learn about each other and
share the joy of a great a chat!

To find out more about the service and how to sign up to receive calls, follow this link: https://foodcycle.org.uk/check-in-and-chat/

We would really appreciate you sharing the attached information, regarding our weekly calls, with your service users/clients/network and wider community.

If anyone is interested in being more involved with our work and would be interested in volunteering for us, please pass on the following link to them:

If you wish to discuss this further to answer any questions you may have, please email back so we can schedule a call with you.