Spring into action on digital inclusion! 

Spring is the season when we celebrate warmer days and lighter nights. When a person gets online and makes the most of doing so, their life can be transformed in such positive ways. They might shop, learn and be entertained. With the cost of living crisis on many of our minds, they  might access welfare benefits, apply for a grant, find a foodbank, use price comparison sites or get a job. The NHS app gives easy access to many NHS services including ordering prescriptions and making appointments. 
Sadly, some people struggle to get online or are not sure what to do once they are connected. What can you do to help them access the very many benefits of digital inclusion? What are you already doing? The Digital Inclusion Network is here to help you tackle the barriers you face to implement digital inclusion for the benefit of the people you work with. 
Contact: [email protected] with your questions, ideas, stories and challenges.