What stops you from volunteering?

What stops you from volunteering?

Guide Dogs is interested in your opinion on volunteering to help shape their approach to recruiting volunteers and spreading the word about their services in your area.

This survey is voluntary and completely anonymous, you can answer as many or as little questions are you wish.

If you have any questions or would like this survey in a different language or format, please contact Linda Conway at: or phone 0800 781 1444

You can take part here

Community Wellbeing Service

Community Wellbeing Service

The Hull City Council and Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are looking at ways to improve current Home Care and Extra Care services within the city. Healthwatch Hull have been invited to work alongside of them to understand what matters most to you.

They would like to gather your views and ideas on how your care could be improved. This information will help your Local Authority and the CCG to redesign and develop care and support in a Community Wellbeing Service that will work better for you, and others who use the service in the future.

You don’t have to be receiving care currently, they would also like to know your views of future care

You can give your feedback here


Consultation outcome: Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments

Consultation outcome: Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments

This is the government response to the consultation ‘Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments’. It follows the government response in 2018 to the consultation ‘Powers for dealing with unauthorised developments and encampments.

In this response they have set out the next steps that the government will take which include:

  • introducing a new criminal offence of intentional trespass
  • amending the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

You can read the full response here

New Plan for Immigration

New Plan for Immigration

Deadline 6th May

The New Plan for Immigration has the following three objectives:

  1. To increase the fairness and efficacy of our system so that Government can better protect and support those in genuine need of asylum
  2. To deter illegal entry into the UK, thereby breaking the business model of criminal trafficking networks and protecting the lives of those they endanger
  3. To remove more easily from the UK those with no right to be here

This policy statement is accompanied by an engagement and consultation process that will run for 6 weeks from 24 March 2021.

The Home Office want to hear a wide range of views and perspectives, from stakeholders and members of the public. To achieve this, they invite you to register and participate in their online questionnaire to provide your views. You will be able to provide views on proposals for:

  1. Protecting those fleeing persecution, oppression and tyranny
  2. Ending anomalies, and delivering fairness in British Nationality Law
  3. Reforming the asylum system
  4. Streamlining asylum claims and appeals
  5. Supporting victims of modern slavery
  6. Disrupting criminal networks behind people smuggling
  7. Enforcing removals, including foreign national offenders

To take part go to the Government website

Committee announces two new inquiries into Violence Against Women and Girls and into the policing of last weekend’s vigils

Committee announces two new inquiries into Violence Against Women and Girls and into the policing of last weekend’s vigils

The Committee will be conducting an overarching inquiry into Violence Against Women and Girls, focusing first on low rape conviction levels. Further details will follow next week.

The Committee will also be conducting a separate short inquiry into the policing of vigils over the weekend of 13 and 14 March with its first evidence session on Wednesday 24 March.

It has issued a call for evidence inviting those who took part or were affected by the vigils following the killing of Sarah Everard to share their perspectives on the vigils.
While some vigils that took place last weekend were facilitated by local police and passed without incident, others resulted in arrests and criticism of police actions by those in attendance, notably on Clapham Common and in Brighton.

Ahead of a planned evidence session, the Home Affairs Committee invites those who participated in, organised, policed or were otherwise affected by the vigils to provide short submissions outlining their experiences of the events. Further information on how to submit evidence and the central questions the committee seeks to examine is provided below.

The Committee recognises the importance and breadth of issues relating to violence against women and girls. The effects of violence against women and girls are profound, complex and traumatising. The Committee intends to undertake a wider inquiry in this area and there will be further opportunities for anyone to provide their views, reflections or experiences. A full terms of reference for this inquiry will be published in due course.

For more information go to the Parliament website