Future Housing needs survey (Hull)

Future Housing needs survey (Hull)

Hull City Council is leading the development of a new housing strategy for the City’s adults. This will guide investment and will set our priorities for the future.

They want to hear from adults of all ages including those who may consider themselves as needing additional support either now or in the future. This need could arise from age related conditions or a pre-existing disability.

If you are an adult living in the city and would like to have your say, please complete the survey here, or for more information email

Notification of Newington Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Draft

Notification of Newington Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Draft

Deadline 14th October

Statutory Consultees – Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Lonsdale Community Centre are consulting on the pre-submission draft of the Newington Neighbourhood Development Plan, and would like your views on the plan

The full version of the draft plan can be viewed and downloaded here.

The draft plan is also on the front page of the Lonsdale Community Centre website and the Newington Neighbourhood Plan website

Physical copies of the plan and response forms are on display at the Lonsdale Community Centre, 8 Lonsdale Street, Hull HU3 6PA

The pre-submission consultation period runs for six weeks from Monday 2nd September 2019.

Your comments and representations should be returned to us by Monday 14th October 2019.

Representations can be emailed to

Please include the following:




Page Number / Paragraph / Policy Number

Comments & Suggested Changes

Concerned about flooding? Then have your say

Concerned about flooding? Then have your say

People living and working around the Humber are being invited to complete a public survey to help organisations working on a new tidal flood risk strategy understand local views and priorities.

Hull City Council is working in partnership with 11 other local authorities around the Humber, the Environment Agency and the Humber Local Enterprise partnership, to come up with a new approach to managing tidal flood risk around the estuary and on the tidal rivers upstream.

The partnership wants to understand how people in the area feel about tidal flooding and how it can best be managed, and is also keen to understand what people value in their local area and would like to see protected or taken into account as part of the new strategy.

You can fill out the survey here.  More information about the Humber 2100+ partnership and the new Humber Strategy can be found here.

BAME people and charities

BAME people and charities

Deadline 30th September

ACEVO and Voice4Change England are carrying out research to understand what people connected to charities think about race equality, diversity and inclusivity in the charity sector.

This new survey is for people classified as Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic – in census terms the BAME category covers everyone outside the category ‘White British’ – who have, in the last five years, worked for any length of time as interns, employees, volunteers, associates/freelancers, or trustees in registered charities in England and Wales.

You can take part in the survey here

Help the Charity Commission improve its safeguarding guidance

Help the Charity Commission improve its safeguarding guidance

In October 2018 the Commission launched refreshed guidance about Safeguarding and protecting people for charities and trustees. The issue of safeguarding and protecting people has continued to dominate the headlines, with the sector producing new tools and resources to help support charities.

The guidance is intended to be a clear, concise overview of what trustees need to do, signposting to other sources of support on specific issues.

Given the diversity of the charity sector, the aim is that it is useful to all charities, regardless of size or purpose: that it is a starting point for all trustees to understand their duties which then signposts to specialist advice on specific issues.

As the awareness of this issue grows the Commission want to understand how you use this guidance and whether you find it useful. Does it cover the matters you need to know more about? If you used the links to specialist information on other websites was there a link to the information you needed?

Complete their short survey about how you use this guidance. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Your answers will be completely anonymous and the Commission don’t collect any personal data.