Consultation on rape and sexual offences legal guidance

Consultation on rape and sexual offences legal guidance

Deadline 18th January

As part of the Crown Prosecution Service’s work on Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) under their five-year strategy, they made a commitment to launch a consultation on their updated rape legal guidance this autumn.

This legal guidance is an important aspect of the work of the CPS and provides support to prosecutors to make effective Code compliant decisions in RASSO cases helping to ensure the delivery of justice.

The updated legal guidance reflects the changing world and an improved understanding of the many complex issues related to rape. Many of the revisions have been informed by the expert insight of stakeholders. The revised guidance also features updated content around reasonable lines of enquiry and disclosure which aims to assist prosecutors with striking the appropriate balance between the needs of an investigation and the right to privacy.

The updated guidance continues to refer to the ‘Protocol between the police service and CPS in the investigation and prosecution of rape’. This Protocol dates back to 2015 and, as part of our work with the police under the RASSO Joint Action Plan, will be updated to reflect recent developments in practice.

You can take part in the consultation here

You can read the guidance here

Healthy Places, Healthy People - Consultation

Healthy Places, Healthy People – Consultation

Deadline 23rd November

The current Hull Local Plan was adopted in November 2017. At the same time, all existing supplementary planning guidance (SPGs), which were linked to the previous local plan, expired. Since then we have prepared replacement supplementary planning documents (SPDs).

The latest draft SPD, SDP – 14 Healthy Places, Healthy People is now available on the Council’s website and comments are invited before the Council finalise the draft document. These documents can be viewed here

The purpose of this SPD is to draw out the key health issues contained in the Hull Local Plan and to provide further guidance to developers, applicants and other interested parties. This will help to ensure that locally significant health messages as set out in the Hull Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) are effectively addressed through future development proposals with resulting benefits for residents of the city. It has been developed in collaboration with the Council’s Public Heath team. It has focused on providing guidance on how to achieve better health outcomes through the application of a range of different policies in the existing Local Plan. 

Overall people are far healthier than they were in the past, but unfortunately health inequalities across population groups and localities still exist, making Hull the fourth most deprived local authority in England. Poverty and deprivation have a huge impact on Hull’s population, which is mirrored in inequalities in health and wellbeing, and this document will be part of the Council’s response help change these inequalities and collectively improve health and wellbeing outcomes. 

Representations can be made using the representation form provided on the website or comments can be made to the email address or by post to:

Planning Services,

Hull City Council,

The Guildhall,

Alfred Gelder Street,



Comments should be received by 23rd November  2020

Caring from a distance - care home survey

Caring from a distance – care home survey

The University of Hull have recently launched a research project called ‘Caring from a Distance: using new and familiar means of keeping in touch with family and friends in care homes during COVID-19’.

This research aims to explore the experiences of families and friends of people living in care homes of staying connected and in-touch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous research has found that some carers experience difficulties staying in touch when their relative/friend lives in a care home. While care homes have been closed to visitors some care homes and carers will have tried new ways of staying in touch; some of these will have been successful and others less so. They hope that this research can help to demonstrate good strategies for staying in touch– both for carers and for care homes.

People can take part in the research through completing a confidential online questionnaire here

Parent/Carer Emotional Health & Wellbeing Coronavirus Survey - Autumn 2020

Parent/Carer Emotional Health & Wellbeing Coronavirus Survey – Autumn 2020

As part of a current work stream being undertaken by Hull City Council’s  Early Help Department of Children, Young People and Families in Hull , to ensure there is some understanding of what issues are impacting children and young people and their parents/carers due to the Coronvirus, two short surveys have been developed.  

As the Lockdown progresses, things may have changed so they need you to keep telling them about how you feel and how it’s affecting you.   

The first survey is aimed at young people between the ages of 10 – 25. You can take part here 

The second survey, for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25, is designed to assess their needs and inform how support may be reflective of this during this unusual time. You can take part here

For more information on where you can get support if you need it go to (opens in a new tab) 

New measures in response to the acceleration of coronavirus

New measures in response to the acceleration of coronavirus

Published 21st September

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock spoke about the government response to the recent acceleration of coronavirus, including an isolation support payment and testing allocation.

To read the speech go to the Government website