About the Member

Empowering Communities: Providing Homes, Support, and Opportunities for Growth in the North East, Yorkshire, and Humber Region.

We are a housing association that provides more than 73,000 people in the North East, Yorkshire and Humber region with homes, support and opportunities to grow. We invest millions of pounds each year to keep our homes safe, secure and well maintained. We support those who need a little help. Help to get on to the housing ladder, to pay rent and to keep their home in good repair. We have an excellent track record of building new homes for rent and shared ownership. We build hundreds of high-quality and modern homes that meet the needs of local people. As a Homes England Strategic Partner, we have an ambitious development programme over the next five years. We don’t just rent and build homes. We support our customers and communities by investing in services to help people to live their best lives. This includes helping and supporting:

work to prevent homelessness

people back to work

people with money management

volunteering opportunities

We offer support to those people affected by domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour refugee resettlement, We develop and deliver homes and services for older people or those who need a helping hand to live independently. This includes:

extra care for older people

young people to live independently

homes for people with learning disabilities children leaving care schemes to prevent homelessness those leaving prison to find accommodation We know we can’t do everything on our own. We place great importance on working with our key partners and listening to their views. It’s not only essential for us but also vital for maximising what we do.