Charity sector staff feel their wages have not kept pace with inflation, suggests survey

The majority of people who responded to the Charity Excellence Framework report say their salaries have not kept pace with inflation. There were 150 respondents from the sector, and they were asked to rate their responses to a number of questions. When asked if their salary kept pace with inflation, more than a quarter of respondents marked one out of 10 – which the Framework says shows they think this “extremely strongly”. It adds “almost all staff feel their salary has not kept pace with inflation”, noting the “average national pay increases appear to be already above the maximum pay increases in the charity sector”. In accompanying qualitative data, respondents often cited salary reviews and more benefits for staff as things charities should do to improve employee wellbeing.    One respondent wrote: “Pay the right salary level to retain excellent staff.”  In the survey, professionals working for larger charities were over represented while micro charities with an income of under £10,000 were underrepresented.