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The Hull Big Swim is back!

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Be part of the Hull Big Swim and make 2020 the year to get back into the pool.

Hull Culture & Leisure want you to get back in the pool in 2020 and join in with their new campaign to get more people in Hull swimming. They’re giving people in Hull the chance to get back in the pool for free throughout February and March at Albert Avenue Pool, Beverley Road Baths, Ennerdale Leisure Centre and Woodford Leisure Centre.

So no excuses, get back in the pool in 2020 with the Hull Big Swim!

How do I join in?

It’s really easy, simply ask the reception staff at any of the sites taking part in the Hull Big Swim about how to register for the free adult swims and you’ll get your card enabling you to take part in any of the free adult swimming sessions.

So be part of the Hull Big Swim to stay active, feel great and have fun all at the same time!

Free adult swimming sessions (starts Monday 3 February until Tuesday 31 March)

You can find more information here (opens in a new tab)

LEP Review Announcement

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The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP Board made the decision to comply with the Government guidelines around LEP geographies as laid out in the 2018 white paper, ‘Strengthening Local Enterprise Partnerships’. The Government guidelines state that LEPs will not retain any overlapping boundaries with other LEPs. With Humber LEP and Leeds City Region LEP also agreeing to meet with these guidelines, the new geographic footprint of the LEP will be York and North Yorkshire.

From 1st April 2020, the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership will become the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The preference of the YNYER LEP Board had been to retain overlapping boundaries with partners in Leeds City Region and the Humber

You can read the rest of the press release here (opens in a new tab)

Mires Beck Nursery – Health and Wellbeing Focus Group

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East Riding Council have suggested setting up a meeting at  Mires Beck Nursery in North Cave.  The aim is to bring health professionals and community leaders together to discuss opportunities to use the Nursery’s facility to help those looking at aiding health issues and what we could be doing on a green therapy basis.

The Nursery is developing its conservation and recreational areas on their 14 acre site and your input would be highly valued.

They have provisionally allocated 3 dates – and will go with the consensus

The dates are: – Thursday 30 January; Monday 3 February or Wednesday, 5 February.

It will be an afternoon meeting starting at 1.30.  Refreshments will be available including cakes made by the Nursery’s service users.

They hope to give a presentation on the Nursery’s new building concept and after the tour of the site would like everyone to come together for a discussion and to exchange ideas.

Since there will be a tour of the site, outdoor footwear is recommended.

If you are interested, please contact Liz  on  01430 421543 or liz@miresbeck.co.uk and let her know your preferred date.

If you are aware of any other health professionals or organisations that may be interested and would contribute, Liz would welcome any suggestions!

Join in with #wemadethis on their new Bloomin’ Hull project

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Bloomin’ Hull is the second edition of #wemadethis flower garlands. If you fancy getting your craft on and helping them cover the whole of Hull in the things, have a look at the brief below, or look up the Craft Project Hull Facebook group to find out more.

Bloomin’ Hull – 28 March – 18 April

For this year’s Spring project, they’re revisiting the flower garlands. Like last year, the idea is to cover Hull in the them – from fences to railings to lamp posts, from ones a mile long to wrap around your school’s fence to dinky little ones in your front garden or even your front window; so long as they’re visible to the public, it’s all good. (Just remember to get permission from whoever’s fence, railing etc. you are using.)

As ever, you can make them as an individual or a group, out of whichever (weather proof) material and in any colour(s) you like.


  • Garlands are to go up on Saturday 28th March (or nearest date before you can manage).
  • Garlands are to be taken down on Sunday 19th April (or nearest date after you can manage).
  • In a slight change from last year’s project, they will be producing a Flower Trail Map – a printed version as well as a downloadable PDF on the We Made This Hull website. That’s also why it’s important that the garlands are at least up for the above period, to avoid visitor disappointment. In order to be able to print and distribute the map in time for the official start date, the deadline for registering your participation is Friday 13th March.

If you’d like to do a garland (or several), please leave a comment here stating organisation or area you’re representing, and roughly where your garlands are going to be. Exact location to be confirmed by 13th March.

If you’re new to this group they’ll try and match you up with an existing group (or indeed try and form a new group if a new area emerges).

Garlands don’t strictly have to be outdoors, but do need to be in a location that is publicly accessible, free of charge.

Each (set of) garland(s) will be accompanied by a poster listing the names of the makers. These are produced centrally, and the group will be in touch re. details nearer the time.

So, in summary:

Friday 13th March: deadline registering participation

Saturday 28th March: garlands up

Sunday 19th April: garlands down

LIST OF GARLANDS SO FAR (last updated: 6th January)

  1. Clough Road / Ryde Ave
    2. Pearson Park and Princes Ave
    3. Bude Park Primary
    4. Traenerhus
    5. Arram Grove
    6. Lock Keepers Court
    7. Hull Royal Infirmary
    8. West Hull Villages
    9. York Road
    10. Southcoates Lane/Primary
    11. Dove House Hospice
    12. Carnegie Heritage Centre

Hull City Council Budget Briefing – VCS follow-up meeting

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Hull City Council held their annual budget briefing with representatives from the voluntary and community sector on 9 January 2020.

A one-year funding settlement has now been agreed with central Government and there will be a further spending review later in the year.

At this stage the Council do not anticipate any significant changes to current funding to the voluntary and community sector.

There are some clear priority areas for Hull City Council over the next year including:

  • Adult Social Care
  • Children’s Services
  • Staff training

There is also a recognition that there needs to be a focus on community based services linked to prevention and early intervention.

Hull City Council were keen to emphasise that they saw the voluntary and community sector as playing an important role in delivering services in the future, particularly within local communities. This includes gaining a better understanding of what exists already and how this supports the key priorities for the City.

Over the next year the Council are planning to look at how it commissions and funds services and are committed to looking at options to make services more sustainable over a longer period. In the long term there is a plan to look at how services from the voluntary and community sector can be commissioned in a more integrated way alongside NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and other partners.

One of the key points raised was the need to develop improved communication between Hull City Council and the wider sector, so that there could be a better understanding of what exists already and how the sector can be more involved in the future.

In order to help move this work forward NBF is looking to host a sector event in the near future to share some ideas and look at how people can work together more effectively. It is important that this reflects the needs of both larger organisations and smaller community groups.

If you are interested in being involved, please click here

Introducing Act Now

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Act Now is a social media app for mobile phones, that works in a similar way to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but is entirely dedicated to pinpointing the identity of plastic pollution, brands and Geolocations. Members can post a photo of the plastic litter that they find and add this to the Act Now timeline, where other members can comment, support and share content across other social media sites to embarrass/tag the brands and identify the location of the plastic that they find.

Members can also create social or organisation groups, where they can invite friends, view a leader-board of groups, to see their ranking, support, totals and comments.

For more information, and to download the App go to the Act Now website

You can also follow Act Now on Twitter and Facebook

Hull’s Low Ale Trail

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Discover Hull’s Old Town with the Low Ale Trail, an alternative tour exploring the best pubs and bars offering low alcohol drinks. Hull’s Low Ale Trail will take you on a wander through Hull’s cobbled streets exploring the stunning history of the Old Town and its historic bars, whilst you enjoy a variety of alcohol free & low alcohol and beers and ciders.

View the map here or download a copy and simply choose your starting point on the map. You can start from any of the bars on the trail and work your way around.

Health Qigong Class

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Improve your health & well being through the practice of Qigong (Chi Kung)

Qigong (or ch’i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice with over 3000 years of history, which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques. The Chinese believed that through gentle exercise which incorporates the mind, breathing and body helps to cultivate and promote circulation of qi within the human body, thus enhance a practitioner’s overall health.

Enrolments are now being taken for the following Health Qigong Class

Starting Monday 6th January 2020


Balfour Community Centre

Balfour Street Hull


The class will operate on a 4 weekly payment scheme  Cost £18.00

For more information and to book a place

Please contact Shaun by e mail shaun-sun@hotmail.co.uk  or by telephone 07854 306762

Help CERT to develop a dynamic social economy in the Humber & surrounding area

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CERT have been funded for a year to help develop the social economy in the Humber and surrounding area.

In order to get things moving CERT have proposed that they will need:

  • Specific business support for start-up and established social enterprises
  • Guidance for charities and V.C.S. organisations exploring trading as a route to sustainability
  • A social enterprise network where people can get together and swap ideas and find out what’s happening in the social enterprise world
  • Specialist training and workshops
  • A resource library

They only have a year to make all of this successful and sustainable, and think that the only way that that is going to happen is if the network meets your specific needs.

CERT therefore would like to know what you would like to see the network deliver, what sort of training and workshop content you would like to see (and would really appreciate you sharing materials, case studies etc. with them so that they can develop the resource library into a really useful area for organisations in the area).
Finally they would welcome your thoughts on how they might sustain the network in the future.

As a result, they have put together a short survey (5 minutes max) to gather your views. Please have a look and answer as much as you feel able to – all opinions are important and even if you only want to comment on one area, that’s fine.

You can take part in the survey here

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