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Funding Opportunities

Centre for Ageing Better opens £250,000 fund for charities

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Deadline 10th December

The Centre for Ageing Better will award a total of £250,000 funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to five ‘demonstrator’ projects that pilot, develop and share new approaches to age-friendly and inclusive volunteering.

Charities are invited from today to bid for funding to develop and document models of good practice which sustain lifelong contribution, keep people connected to voluntary opportunities and activities, or provide practical support for older people who are currently excluded.

The fund is launched off the back of a review of community contributions in later life, conducted by the Centre for Ageing Better in partnership with the Office for Civil Society in DCMS, published last month.

The review called on charities, voluntary organisations and the public sector to do more to support the contributions of people in later life. It found that many older people face barriers to taking part or staying involved, which can worsen as people age and their circumstances change, leading to many being locked out of participating in activities that matter to them.

The review recommended stronger action to enable people to take part and stay involved as they grow older and experience major life events such as ill health, bereavement or caring for loved ones. It also found that charities need to do more to widen participation from groups who are less likely to volunteer, including those who are less financially secure, in poorer health or from a BAME background.

The funding will support up to five pilot projects to develop and document new approaches to addressing these challenges. Charities which are experienced in incorporating flexible working practices for volunteers, supporting community led action or tackling barriers that prevent people from taking part are encouraged to apply, with the funding being awarded in March 2019.

The Centre for Ageing Better will work with charities awarded the funding to document and evaluate their projects so that others can learn from and replicate successful approaches.

The deadline is midday on 10 December, with the funding being awarded in March 2019 and spent over the following 12 months.

Grantees must be ready to start project work immediately in April 2019.

For more information go to the Centre for Ageing Better

Businessman sets up £50m grantmaking foundation

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A UK businessman has set up a £50m foundation to give grants to charities that support children with life-limiting conditions.

The Kentown Wizard Foundation was set up with nearly £56m from Kenneth Townsley, a businessman who founded Gold Medal Travel, which was later sold to Thomas Cook. He has previously vowed to give away the majority of his £100m fortune.

It was set up in October 2015 and recently filed its first set of accounts for the financial year ending March 2017, which show that over the first 18 months it received donations worth £55.8m.  This was comprised of £42.8m in a donated investment portfolio, £11m in cash and £2m in investment property.

It made grants totalling £870,000 to seven charities including Operation Smile (UK), Make a Wish, Rainbow Trust and Kids Cancer Charity.

Grants are “by invitation only” at the moment.

The charity’s website says: “To ensure that the grants we make achieve our purpose we actively seek out UK registered charities who share our ethos and ambition.” Townsley is the chair of the charity and there are three other trustees.

For more information about the Kentown Wizard Foundation go to their website

Changes to Sport England’s small grants application process

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The approach to Small Grants has changed – Sport England want to make applying for funding as simple as possible and for the Small Grants programme to have the greatest possible impact in communities across England, in line with their strategy.

The application form should now be easier to complete and they have relaxed a few rules about what they cannot fund. The focus of your application should be what difference your project will make, not what you purchase to make it happen.

For example, it will no longer matter if your project takes more than 12 months to deliver, and you can spread your funding over three years, if required. They will also be happy to contribute funding to bigger projects. Please read the new guide for more information.

If you think these changes might affect how you plan your project, or whether it is eligible for a Small Grant, you can contact them on funding@sportengland.org or call  0345 850 8508 – their helpline is now open from 8am-8pm on weekdays.

Sport England will also be doing more to support organisations who traditionally do not seek funding from them, but who are able to support inactive people become active.

Nationwide Building Society Community Grants

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Deadline 7th December 2018

Nationwide Building Society was founded to help people into homes of their own and its ambition that everyone should have a place fit to call home stands firm today. The Nationwide Community Grants programme awards up to £500,000 across eight UK regions annually and is looking for local housing projects that will strengthen your local community by supporting the most vulnerable, finding new approaches to increasing the supply of housing or by reinventing renting for both tenants and landlords.

Charities, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives can apply for grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 to make a change in your local area. The applications will be reviewed and voted on by a regional Community Board, made up of Nationwide members, colleagues and local housing charities. And it’s more than just money, the funded projects will also get community and volunteering support.

This fund is open to registered UK charities, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives.

For further information please visit the Nationwide Community website here.

Ron Pickering Memorial Fund

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 Deadline 30 November 2018

Grants are available for young athletes (both able bodied and disabled) in Great Britain aged 15-23 to help them with training and equipment costs.

Each grant is designed to make a difference, helping the recipients make the difficult transition from junior to senior level through support for equipment, specialist coaching or travel and importantly help build the athletes’ confidence and self esteem through recognition.

The Fund does not have a minimum and maximum level of support, and instead prefers to judge each case on its own merits.

Grants can be used to fund training or for the provision of equipment.

Athletes from sports other than Athletics, such as Basketball, Swimming or Gymnastics, will not be funded.

For more information go to the Fund’s website

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers – Charitable Trust Fund

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Funding is available for the relief of poverty, education, research and assistance in the UK.

The Charitable Trust Fund Grant is provided and administered by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and is available for TSOs active in the UK.

The scheme is intended to support charities, charitable organisations and groups affiliated to the Company and energy industries.

In particular, the Company wishes to fund the following:

  • City of London appeals.
  • Appeals from military affiliates.
  • Arts charities involved in the energy industries.
  • Education schemes, particularly those related to energy industries.
  • Poverty relief, especially for applicants associated to the Company and energy industries.
  • Schemes for youth organisations, especially those linked to the energy industries.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

No minimum or maximum level of grant is specified.

Individuals are not eligible to apply to this fund.

Application should be made in writing to the Trust.

Contact The Worshipful Company of Fuellers for further information.

Contact details:


The Worshipful Company of Fuellers
Skinners Hall
8 Dowgate Hill

Telephone: 020 7489 7655

Email: clerk@fuellers.co.uk

For more information go to the Trust website

Pilgrim Trust

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Grants are available for projects in the UK concerned with heritage preservation and social welfare, especially improving the life chances of vulnerable girls and women.

There are two levels of funding:

  • Small grants of less than £5,000.
  • Main grant scheme of more than £5,000.

There is no average grant.

The Trust receives more applications than ‘it can possibly fund’, and on average, only one in five of all appeals that fit within the guidelines is successful.

The Pilgrim Trust concentrates its funding in two areas of interest:

  • Preservation and Scholarship (60% of funds are allocated to projects in this area): The Trust’s concern is the preservation of the United Kingdom’s rich heritage for the benefit of future generations.
  • Social Welfare (40% of funds are allocated to projects in this area): This programme aims to improve the life chances of vulnerable women and girls.

The funding can be used for:

  • Revenue costs such as staff salaries and overheads.
  • Project costs.
  • The costs of initial exploratory work for organisations seeking to rescue important buildings, monuments etc.
  • Capital costs where the total capital cost is less than £5 million.

An online application form and guidelines can be found on the Trust’s website.

Robyn Charitable Trust

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Grant for charitable organisations undertaking projects for the welfare of children in the UK.

Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees but past donations have been for between £100-£28,520.

Applications can be made at any time.

Applications from individuals will not be accepted.

The Robyn Charitable trust does not have a website. Applicants should contact the trust for further information.

Contact details:


Robyn Charitable Trust
Harris & Trotter
64 New Cavendish Street

Telephone: 020 7467 6300

Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation

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The Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation is dedicated to supporting projects connected with the care, education, training, development and leisure activities of people with learning disability.

It makes grants to a variety of organisations which aim to benefit people with a learning disability and their carers. A special emphasis is given to grants that will enhance opportunity and lifestyle.

Previous grants have been for between £2,000 and £6,500.

Applications are considered twice a year, normally in June and December.

Applications for specific learning difficulties will not be considered for funding.

The Trust does not maintain a website.

All applicants must complete an application form and provide a copy of their latest audited accounts.

In the first instance the applicant should contact the Foundation to discuss the proposed work. This can be done by telephone, email or letter to the administrator at least four months before a board meeting.

Contact the Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation for further information.

Contact details:

Mrs Lesley Gray

Rix-Thompson-Rothenburg Foundation
R T R Foundation
University of Dundee
15/16 Springfield

Telephone: 07532320138

Email: rtrfoundation@gmail.com

Rest-Harrow Trust

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The Rest-Harrow Trust provides grants to charitable organisations in the UK for general charitable purposes.

Previous grants have been for between £100 and £2,000.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Funding is not available for individuals.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

This Trust does not maintain a website or email address. Contact Rest-Harrow Trust in writing for further information.

Contact details:

Judith Susan Portrait

Rest-Harrow Trust
21 Whitefriars Street