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Zoom and Security

By May 4, 2020National News

Zoom has emerged as a very popular tool for online meetings, training and other communication activities during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, but there are risks associated with any such app…

  • Phishing ploys: messages inviting participants to click on malicious links to fake meetings, or uninvited guests sharing malicious links during a meeting.
  • Privacy risks: users including sensitive information in their Zoom profiles, which can be viewed by meeting participants.
  • Live recording: hosts allowing participants to record the session, or participants using mobile phones to record it surreptitiously.
  • ‘Zoom bombing’: unauthorised participants hijacking meetings, often because password access was not setup or meeting passwords were shared insecurely

This online pdf from the National Police Chiefs Council outlines the main Zoom security controls and how to access them (opens in a new tab)

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