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Young Minds #FightingFor Report

By April 9, 2018National News

Published for their 25th anniversary, Young Minds’ #FightingFor report shows that while most people believe that there is less stigma about mental health than there used to be, young people and parents face a huge range of barriers to finding the right support.

They conducted two major surveys with more than 2,700 young people who have looked for support for their mental health and more than 1,600 parents whose children have looked for support.

The findings show that:

  • Only 9% of young people and 6% of parents reported that they had found it easy to get the support they needed. 66% of young people and 84% of parents reported they had found it difficult.
  • Only 6% of young people and 3% of parents agreed that there is enough support for children and young people with mental health problems. 81% of young people and 94% of parents disagreed.

Young people and parents reported barriers at every stage in their search for help. When asked what barriers they had faced, if any, to getting support for their mental health:

  • 51% of young people said that they hadn’t understood what they were going through
  • 23% of parents said that their child hadn’t told them what they were going through
  • 42% of parents reported problems getting help from school or college
  • 29% reported having problems getting help from their GP.

You can read the report as an online pdf here

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