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Windrush compensation: call for evidence

By May 17, 2018Consultations

Deadline 8th June

The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary have made a pledge to support those of the Windrush generation who have faced difficulties in establishing their status under the immigration system. They have committed to do right by those who have contributed so much and are such an integral part of the country.

As a first step, the Home Secretary has announced the launch of a call for evidence which is an opportunity for those who have been affected and their families by this situation to tell Government what happened, how it has affected you and what you believe the planned compensation scheme needs to address. Government want to engage with the individuals and communities most closely affected, listen to your concerns and, in particular, understand properly how it might address them through a compensation scheme.

For more information and to contribute go to the Government website

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  • A Rawlins says:

    Things are a lot deeper than you say- I was brought up by the local authorities in the sixties- I worked for the local authorities, live in a local authorities house- I receive a council pension and have done jury service- I provided proof from 1063 to 2009 but was still refused- My mother and father were British citizens whe I was born- Yet they said no records were available at the home office to prove that- To refuse to naturalise me unless I hand in a passport to get a passport when they knew that at the time I came here – children did not require a passport to travel- One matter that escapes everyone is the stigma placed on our children- The rules as I was led to believe is that if you were born outside GB- To be able to get married you required to show you immigration status- passport or letter of naturalisation- Not vbeing able to make an honest woman of your children’s mother and your children being born out of wedlock-

    What documents do I need to bring?

    If you or your partner are subject to immigration you must both provide a recent passport sized photo. Please bring evidence of your current immigration status if you can.

    Evidence to prove who you are:

    Please bring one of the following original documents:

    Document Further information
    A valid passport from any country If you have a valid passport you should bring this with you. We are not allowed to accept expired passports.
    A valid Identity Card issued by a European Union or EEA country We can only accept ID cards issued by a country from the EU or EEA. Cards from other countries including driving licenses cannot be accepted.
    A UK Certificate of Naturalisation We can only accept a certificate of naturalisation of it has been issued by the United Kingdom
    Valid Home Office Travel Document The document must not have expired
    Valid UK Government issued biometric immigration document For example your current valid UK visa or entry clearance on a plastic card with your photo on it that has not expired
    With respect

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