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Volunteers wanted for ‘My Guide’

By July 23, 2019Volunteering

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’s ‘My Guide’ service helps clients to gain confidence, increase independence, make new friends, go for nice walks, shopping together, enjoy activities, or sports, or hobbies/ clubs in their community. It helps to tackle loneliness and promotes health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

A client will be carefully matched with an approved My Guide volunteer who has received training endorsed by VISION 2020 and has had a criminal record check. They are always looking for volunteers, so anyone interested is asked to contact them for a friendly chat.

What does this mean in practice?

The My Guide service involves a volunteer guiding a client as they get out and about in your local area.

Once a client makes contact about My Guide, they will find a suitable volunteer in their local area.

Clients meet the volunteer in the presence of a staff member and see if both you and the volunteer feel comfortable working together.

Your partnership is regularly reviewed and either of you can pull out with no obligation at any time. Your local staff member is there for support or to answer questions when needed.

Anyone interested in either making use of the service, or volunteering, should contact Alan Precious, MyGuide Volunteer Manager on Tel: 0118 9838753, Mobile: 07900135926 or Alan.Precious@guidedogs.org.uk

You can also find some information here

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