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What is volunteering?

We define volunteering as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone (individuals or groups) other than, or in addition to, and close relatives. (Volunteer England)

Volunteering is simple. It’s about giving your time to do something useful, without getting paid (apart from expenses). (Do-it)

Your rights as a volunteer

Most volunteers don’t have a contract of employment and so don’t have the rights of an ordinary employee or worker. Find out what you are entitled to as a volunteer, like expenses and training, and read about the rules for overseas volunteers.(Gov.UK)

Some volunteers have a contract to personally do work for an organisation and receive more than just their out-of-pocket expenses in exchange. (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Volunteer policy – do I need one?

As the organisation gets bigger or increases the number and range of volunteer roles and opportunities, a policy is helpful. It pulls together all the various policies and procedures that affect volunteers – recruitment, expenses, health and safety and so on. (KnowHowNonProfit)

Policy template: Volunteer Centre Kent

Useful websites:

Volunteering England

Volunteering England is an independent charity and membership organisation, committed to supporting, enabling and celebrating volunteering in all its diversity. Our work links policy, research, innovation, good practice and programme management in the involvement of volunteers.

Volunteering England offers an array of resources and services designed to help and support everyone who works with volunteers, such as:

  • Good Practice publications
  • Policies/ procedure publications
  • Annual membership to Volunteering England – price varies

Hull CVS:

Hull CVS are there to support the sustainable development of voluntary and community groups  and volunteering in order to promote justice, equality and improved  quality of life. With aims of  bringing organisations together to share information and  good practice, enabling the sector to  work more effectively to provide services which help established organisations and groups to do their work to maximum effect.

Volunteer Centre Hull works with volunteer involving organisations by:

  • Promoting volunteering in Hull
  • Developing volunteering opportunities in Hull
  • Acting as broker for potential volunteers and volunteer involving organisations
  • Providing information and advice on good practice issues relating to volunteering
  • Helping voluntary community and public sector organisations in the support and management of volunteers.
  • Campaigning on issues to do with volunteering

What resources can they offer?

  • Volunteers Centre Drop-in Service
  • Volunteer Support Project .
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Hull Volunteering Strategy
  • Volunteer Management Training

Humber Learning Consortium:

HLC, its staff, partners and trustees are passionate about seeing a well developed, well informed and well represented community and voluntary sector in the Humber Sub-Region, delivering quality services to the community.

What resources can they offer?

HLC can offer training around many aspects of volunteering and can provide details of trainers in the area.

KnowHow NonProfit:

The Centre for Charity Effectiveness Trust Ltd (part of the Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE)) was awarded a grant for the project by The Big Lottery Fund under the BASIS programme in 2008.

The project ran from Cass CCE for three years and in November 2011, KnowHow officially merged with NCVO.

What resources can they offer?

KnowHow NonProfit offers information and advice on specifics such as:

  • The basics
  • You and your team
  • Your organisation
  • Funding and income
  • Campaigns and awareness
  • Leadership
  • Discussion forums are also available to talk to others, ask questions and share expertise and knowledge.


YouthNet is the charity behind Do-it, which is a website created for those who are looking to volunteer and it helps to enable the service user to look for volunteering opportunities around their interests and environment.

What resources can they offer?

Online information of the latest volunteering opportunities across the United Kingdom also news of upcoming events. Do-it offers a search tool that allows the service user to look up volunteering opportunities/ events in their local area.


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