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Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund

In the Autumn Budget 2018; the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced £10M to support Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing needs.

The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund has two programmes

Positive Pathways Programme

Part of the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, the Positive Pathways Programme will fund projects that develop and run activities that support the mental health and wellbeing of ex-forces. It’s eligibility and priorities are based on the outcomes from a programme consultation that they ran.

This programme is open to Armed Forces charities. To be eligible, your organisation should only or mainly support people from the Armed Forces Community.

Your organisation will need to have a good understanding of mental health needs and how to support them, including where to signpost veterans to if they are not well.

One-year grants of £35,000 and two-year grants of £70,000 are available

Projects must be activity based. This might be:

  • sports
  • arts/culture activities such as music or theatre
  • getting outside, for example gardening activities
  • heritage projects such as conservation or archaeology.

You can apply for existing projects.

More information here

Strategic Pathways Programme.

Through this programme, they are looking to fund a small number of national organisations  who will provide support and mentoring to  organisations delivering activities and opportunities under the Positive Pathways Programme. Strategic Pathway Providers therefore need to be

  • Large organisations experienced in running projects to support veterans with poor mental health
  • Experienced in being part of, and developing cross sector pathways of care
  • Able to work nationally
  • Able to encourage, share learning and good practice; and act as a mentor
  • Be able to help smaller organisations insert their activities into wider recovery pathways

More information here

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