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Urban Tree Challenge Fund 

Deadline 31st May 2020

The Forestry Commission today (Monday 30 March) opens round two of the Urban Tree Challenge Fund, which is for community and volunteer groups, town councils and individuals to apply for a share of the £10million pot to increase tree numbers in urban areas through small scale planting projects. 

As Round 2 is partly targeted at community and volunteer groups, we ask you adhere to government guidelines and do not meet in person to discuss your application. Application forms are available online and we suggest they are discussed by your group virtually. We can only accept emailed applications during this time. 

The successful applicants of Round 2 will not be expected to plant their trees until the next tree planting season (winter 2020/21), and it is our hope that COVID-19 will not impact on tree planting activity. However, due to the group nature of this activity, we will reassess this in the future to follow government guidelines. 

You can find more information here (opens in a new tab) 

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