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Top 10 reasons why you might get turned down for funding

By March 28, 2018National News

From the Yorkshire and Humber Funders Forum

Top 10 reasons why you might get turned down for funding.

  1. Application does not meet funder’s criteria for the funding programme.
  2. Application is confusing: It is unclear from the application what you are applying for.
  3. Social impact is weak.
  4. No or poor research to support the application.
  5. Poor management or governance structure.
  6. Project budget is unrealistic.
  7. Organisation’s previous finances are concerning.
  8. The cash flow forecast shows a high dependency on grants not yet applied for.
  9. A similar project has been awarded funding recently in your area.
  10. There is not enough funding to support the high levels of applications and other projects scored higher than you.

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