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The MS Society want to hear from you if you have MS

A recent piece of work conducted internally by the MS Society identified a number of core groups that were under-represented in MS Society research. In view of this they have enlisted the help of ClearView Research, an agency that specialises in reaching the hard to reach, to help them to hear the views and experiences of people from these under-represented groups and also to find out why they do not engage with the Society, or how the Society might better engage with them.

They want to hear from everyone with MS, but particularly if you are aged 18-50 years, live with MS in a rural area, are newly diagnosed, would describe yourself as Black or Black British and Asian or Asian British, are severely affected by MS,or are LGBTQ+

The survey will be in the form of a telephone interview

For your convenience, the phone interview can occur at any point between Monday and Sunday between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

The interview should take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

The registration form will take less than 2 mins to fill out.

For more information and to volunteer to be interviewed click here

For more information about the MS Society go to their website

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