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The Government should finally make ‘left behind’ children its priority

By August 6, 2019National News

From a speech by the Children’s Commissioner

“The Education Policy Institute has found that the gap in GCSE attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers has stopped closing. By the time they leave secondary school, disadvantaged pupils are now over a year and a half behind. The most disadvantaged pupils are now almost two years behind their classmates.

“The Department of Education’s own Children in Need review shows there are 1.6m children in England – one in ten – who have needed a social worker in the past six years. Four fifths will not get GCSE English and Maths, which will seriously limit their chances of getting on in life. The Department was right to undertake this analysis. We now need to see what action they will take.

“My office has undertaken its own analysis of childhood vulnerability. There are 2.3 million children in England from a vulnerable family background, that’s 6 children in the average classroom.”

You can read the full speech here

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