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The Difference Between Shielded and Vulnerable

By April 20, 2020Local News

From Hull CCG

There are 1.5 million people in the shielding category including people with organ transplants, severe COPD, some cancers, immunotherapy treatment etc.. This is the group that is entitled to the Gov food parcels and priority shopping delivery slots from supermarkets. Everyone in this category should have received a letter to inform them that they are shielding. The measures to stay safe are much more stringent including not eating meals with families, using separate bathrooms, not sharing beds etc. More information is available here   

The vulnerable category is for anyone with underlying health conditions including older people, pregnant people, diabetics and other co-morbidities but who are not at as high risk as those in the shielding category. They are not entitled to the same Gov and priority shopping support as the shielding group but are entitled to the NHS responder volunteers and other local support schemes   

Both can access the NHS volunteer responders but only the shielded get food parcels & priority shopping. 

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