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Tell NCVO About Your Experiences of Public Service Contracts During the Pandemic

By May 26, 2020Consultations

NCVO are working with other infrastructure bodies including NAVCA, Children England, Clinks and Locality to understand your experiences of delivering public service contracts during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. They know that there is a huge variety of responses from commissioning and procurement teams, from open communication and flexibility on delivery targets, to very little communication and apparent rejection of the government’s procurement note (opens in a new tab)

NCVO are interested in hearing from voluntary organisations, charities, community organisations and social enterprises.

Please share with them any examples you can, good, bad and mixed, of contracts your organisation is delivering at the moment. If you have several different contracts, please try to pull out the behaviours that are most useful to avoid, replicate or learn from

You can take part here (opens in a new tab)

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