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Tackling loneliness and protecting social connection through Coronavirus and beyond

By April 28, 2020National News

In the light of the Coronavirus emergency it feels like an understanding of the importance of connection and the need to tackle loneliness has never been higher. But in a world of lockdown, social distancing and shielding, there are no easy answers for what can be done. 

However, this problem isn’t new for organisations that work with people experiencing loneliness and social isolation. And there is a lot we can learn from the work they’ve been doing over many years. 

Over the next few months the Campaign to End Loneliness is going to bring together the community of people and organisations who take action on loneliness to think about how they’re applying their understanding in this new context. 

And they’ll also think about the challenges that lie ahead. With many people likely to be in some form of isolation until there is a vaccine, this crisis is going to develop over time. What it is like to be in lockdown for the first few weeks will be different to how people will experience it months down the line. 

The Capmpaign will share the knowledge and learning of our expert colleagues with the much wider community of organisations who are newly involved in tackling loneliness.  

You can read some of the insights they’ve gathered over the years here (opens in a new tab) 

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