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State of the Sector 2020

By May 18, 2020National News

Charities plan to deliver more services, increase funding for research and build partnerships with others, research by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has found.

NPC’s second State of the Sector report was published on 18th May, and it warns that before the Covid-19 crisis took hold charities were already struggling.  The report identifies nine activity areas, such as service delivery and building partnerships, where charities expect to increase activity, with no area where they expect to reduce activity.  However, the report notes that income is not expected to increase in line with this, and says: “This suggests that, even before coronavirus, charities were spreading themselves ever thinner across a broadening number of working areas.

  • Some of the findings:
  • More than half of charities spoken to held a public sector contract. 59% of these are subsiding their public sector contract(s) with income from other areas such as public fundraising.
  • 95% of respondents this year agreed that the use of data and evidence were important to them achieving their mission.
  • It found that charities were doing more of everything they asked about in 2017 and planned to do more in future. This came despite overall funding for the sector remaining relatively static, which suggests that charities were already spread thinly before the crisis.

You can read the report here   (opens in a new tab)

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