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Split Infinitive – Yorkshire

Currently, applications are being accepted as normal until September 2020.

The Trust’s main area of interest is in supporting live and performance arts, in general and in education. Applications with a Yorkshire or regional focus are favoured. Split Infinitive is a small trust with limited funds to distribute annually.

Average grants fall between £250 and £750 and are at the trustees’ discretion. They may be awarded to individuals or to organisations for specific projects. Grants for general running costs, for projects outside the UK, and charities seeking funds for their own grant disbursement, will not be eligible for support.

At the current time, the Trust’s efforts are focused on supporting students; the trustees feel it only fair to acknowledge that, given the increasing number of applications being received, worthwhile projects which meet the main remit may have to be declined in favour of the Trust’s priority area.

In terms of student applications, the Trust favours supporting performance arts courses (e.g. music, drama, dance) although it may consider other arts areas. If your arts course is not strictly within these categories please check with us first to see if your course might be eligible.

For more information go to the Split Infinitive website (opens in a new tab)

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