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Sir James Reckitt Charity

By March 10, 2014Local Funding

Trustees meet in May and November.

The Sir James Reckitt Charity distributes around £1m. a year in grants which will include grants for :

  • start-up and core costs
  • purchase of equipment and materials
  • building improvements
  • training costs
  • project development costs

In determining the size of grants, no fixed rules apply and each funding request is taken on its own merits. Repeat grants are not normally made within a two-year period.

The Charity makes one-off grants and it also provides regular annual support to many organisations through its Annual Grants list. Such regular grants are made strictly conditional on the submission of Annual Reports and Accounts and are reviewed regularly by the trustees.

Trustees meet in May and November. Applications should be submitted well in advance of these meetings

For more information go to the Charity’s website

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