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Shocking new statistics – The Dying Homeless Project

By August 14, 2019National News

An investigation for January to June 2019 by the Museum of Homelessness has revealed that a person affected by homelessness is dying every 19 hours.

It found that at least 235 people affected by homelessness have died over the last six months – an average of one every 19 hours – despite the passage of the Homelessness Reduction Act in 2017. The people who have died range from 16 to 104 years old.

According to the investigation, more than 30% of fatalities since 2017 have occurred where people were in emergency or temporary accommodation. These figures – and their accompanying stories – provide a stark illustration of how the services provided to the UK’s most vulnerable people regularly fail to meet an acceptable standard.

For more information go to the Museum of Homelessness

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