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Shelter: Home Truths report 

By July 7, 2020National News

No one should lose their home because of coronavirus. But despite government measures put in place during lockdown, people are falling through the cracks. If the government doesn’t act now, the current strategy could see thousands of people facing homelessness long after the pandemic ends. 

Shelter asked people across the country to tell them how they are being affected. Over 1,900 people from across 414 constituencies shared their stories. 

Their ‘Home Truths highlight the devastating impact the crisis is having on the nation’s renters. Shelter have shared just a few of their stories in this report, but their words echo those of the millions of renters who need the government to increase benefits to help them pay the rent, and legislate to stop them losing their homes as the end to the ban on evictions looms. 

For more information, and to read the report go to Shelter (opens in a new tab) 

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