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Sexual safety on mental health wards

By April 17, 2018National News

Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, lead for mental health, Dr Paul Lelliott has written to specialist mental health NHS trusts in England to inform them of an upcoming workshop to explore what can be done to improve sexual safety on mental health wards and thank trusts for engaging with CQC on this work.

Co-hosted with the National Mental Health Nurse Directors Forum, more than 100 senior staff from NHS mental health trusts are expected to take part.

The letter, sent on the 11th April, also outlines the issues around sexual safety on mental health wards that were highlighted in the CQC  State of Care in Mental Health Services 2014-17 report. Published in August 2017, the report noted that “a substantial number of services admitted both men and women to the same wards” and that this can lead to “a heightened responsibility to ensure that patients are safe from sexual harassment and sexual violence”.

For more information go to the CQC

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