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Service recipes: a new tool to help you learn how other charities deliver services

By May 11, 2020National News

An early version of Catalyst’s service recipes platform is now live. The platform collects practical examples of services charities have delivered digitally, which other charities can reuse and learn from. This collaboration of Catalyst with FutureGov, Snook and CAST collects practical examples to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s digital services.

They have been referring to these as recipes because they show the ingredients and steps needed to deliver a service.

By charities, for charities, for inspiration or straightforward implementation. These recipes can be reused as they are, or tweaked as necessary.

They believe that re-using existing tools and code can help charities solve service design and delivery problems more quickly than building a tool from scratch. It can save time and money, and build a team’s confidence along the way.

The platform is in Alpha stage: that means it’s a real thing, it is publicly available and can be used by people, but it is still likely to develop further in response to feedback.

For more information go to the Catalyst website (opens in a new tab)

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