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Second report on findings from cyp and parents emotional health survey

By July 21, 2020Local News

Results show that young people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions over the last three weeks typically reflect the findings of the previous round of survey results.  

However, there are some key change that have occurred over the last three weeks. The most prominent emotion experienced by young people in the last survey was a sense of adjustment to the situation of lockdown.   

However, the results of this survey highlight that adjustment has developed into increased feelings of frustration and boredom as a result of the restrictions continuing. That being said, the easing of lockdown rules that allow socially distanced meet ups and the reopening of schools has had a positive effect on young people, increasing positive feelings.   

The percentage of young people experiencing positive feelings has increased over the last three weeks, specifically ‘connected to others’ that has increased by 13% (66.7%). There are 5-10% increases in feeling ‘safe and secure’ (93%); feeling ‘positive about the future’ (70.8%) and ‘happy/content/positive’ (77.1%).   

Furthermore, 79.5% of young people are okay/happy to be returning to education/ work and the percentage of young people who feel they do no need support has increased from 58.9% to 70.5% (11.6% increase).  

CYPF Emotional health and wellbeing covid 19 survey findings report 2  (pdf download)

infographic- parents and carers responses

infographic- parents and carers responses

Infographic - young people's responses

Infographic – young people’s responses


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