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Review into factors impacting health outcomes from COVID-19

By May 4, 2020National News

Thousands of existing health records for people who have had COVID-19 are to be examined as part of a major exercise to establish more robust data on the factors impacting the number of cases and health outcomes for different groups within the population.

The exercise is part of a rapid review being led by Public Health England (PHE) to better understand how different factors such as ethnicity, deprivation, age, gender and obesity could impact on how people are affected by COVID-19.

The review will also look at vulnerable groups such as people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping to understand how the virus affects them and their health outcomes.

Where PHE has access to the occupation of cases, particularly related to health workers, analysis will be done on the outcome of infections for this group

For more information go to the Government website (opens in a new tab)

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