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Report: Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hatred in North East England

By July 21, 2020National News

 A new report, co-authored with Professor Peter Hopkins of Professor of Social Geography at Newcastle University and Dr John Clayton, a Senior Lecturer in Geography at Northumbria University, explores the impacts of Islamophobia, discrimination, and anti-Muslim hatred on Muslims and those racialised and perceived as Muslim in north-east England. 

This groundbreaking report draws from online surveys and focus groups, with attention given to a list of recommendations from those who participated in addressing the issues raised.   

Professor Hopkins, emphasised a key theme of the report: building on the community spirit seen during the lockdown, build better understandings of the contributions of Muslims in Britain, and challenging harmful stereotypes in the media and other institutions. He said: “Many people are already talking about ways to keep this community spirit going once the lockdown starts to lift, and one way to do this is by building a better understanding of our Muslim neighbours, to counter negative stereotypes and anti-Muslim hatred.” 

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central said: “Nearly 70% of participants in this study experience anti-Muslim racism regularly or daily and nearly 75% of Muslims feel that Islamophobia is getting worse. Muslim women are at the sharp end of this, being abused frequently on the street, on public transport and when driving. We must stand in solidarity with those struggling against racism and Islamophobia. We need real change, now.” 

Iman Atta OBE, Director of Tell MAMA warned against complacency when building meaningful networks of solidarity, as seen during the Covid-19 lockdown, adding: “We have seen a real sense of solidarity during the COVID crisis. It shows the real spirit of our country and this needs to be maintained in the struggle also against hatred, prejudice and intolerance.” 

You can read the full press release on the tell MAMA website here (opens in a new tab) 

To read the report in full click here to download the PDF. (opens in a new tab) 

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