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Registration scheme launches for charity recyclers

By September 11, 2019National News

From Civil Society 

An accreditation scheme for recycling firms that trade with charities has been launched to improve standards in the industry.

Concerns have been raised in recent years over recycling firms that work with charities, with charity bag collection company Clothes Aid warning last year that the majority of collections in the UK were being undertaken by unlicensed firms, costing charities “millions”.

The Trader Recycling Universal Standard (TRUST) has been launched to raise standards of firms that take unsold items from charity shops or make door-to-door collections on a charity’s behalf.

Charities representing 2,500 shops across the UK have backed the scheme, which requires recycling firms to pass a comprehensive series of tests every two years in order to be accredited.

The five standards that recyclers will have to meet are:

  • Health and safety (ensuring that sound policies exist to prevent accidents and take appropriate action to protect staff when incidents occur).
  • Sound business practice (checking that everything the business does is compliant with the law and transparent).
  • Labour (requiring that all workers are treated properly and in full accordance with their rights).
  • Environment (promoting the best sustainability and environmental standards).
  • Transport (ensuring that all vehicles used are well maintained and appropriate).

Recyclers will have to demonstrate they meet these standards by completing a pre-audit questionnaire and then passing an inspection by an independent auditor.

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