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Provision of Support Services to the North Yorkshire Parents and Carers together

By January 17, 2019Tenders

Deadline 24th January

The Authority wishes to commission a provider to support the local authority to engage with parents/carers in localities across North Yorkshire on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) matters with the intention that parents/carers can actively express their views but can also participate in the shaping of SEND services and provision into the future through co-production and collaborative approaches.

The provider will ensure the views of parents/carers can be represented and influence discussions and priorities agreed at locality based partnerships for education and inclusion and can influence change. The provider is tasked with the development and implementation of a dynamic framework and work plan to address the above issues through the creation of local solutions which will use a variety of creative approaches to attract the widest possible participation from parents/carers and enable an ongoing dialogue.

The role of the provider is to facilitate and support the development of local systems for voice, influence and participation from parents/carers , and should bring knowledge and expertise in innovation in this field to ensure maximum opportunities for engagement including in rural local authority areas.

For more information and to express an interest go to YORtender

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