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Priti Patel to give public greater say over policing through PCC review

By July 22, 2020National News

Published 22nd July 

PCCs are directly elected to be the voice of the people and deliver an effective and efficient police force in their area. They are responsible for the budget and performance of their force, including cutting crime. 

The review delivers on the manifesto commitment to strengthen and expand the role of PCCs. The public wants to see a reduction in crime and PCCs are elected to deliver on the people’s priorities. 

Measures to be considered in the review include: 

  • raising the profile of PCCs 
  • giving the public better access to information about the performance of their PCC 
  • sharing best practice so that PCCs are delivering consistently across the country 
  • reviewing the relationship between PCCs and Chief Constables 

For more information go to the Government website (opens in a new tab) 

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