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Preventing Child Criminal Exploitation 

A new Child Criminal Exploitation Film Alfie’s Story Part 3 & 4  commissioned by Home Office and PCC funding, has been produced to raise awareness of the issue. 

It follows a video produced in 2018 which generated worldwide hits and is seen as one of the best videos in the UK on the crime of CCE and how organised crime groups/drug dealers groom children into criminality. It is a North East Lincolnshire based film, and the script and narrative is based on true accounts from children.  

The intention is to see the films shared with young people in education settings, youth clubs and anywhere that engages directly with children to highlight the issue in a realistic and hard hitting way.  

If appropriate there are education sessions linked to the films   

Alfie’s Story Part 1  (opens in a new tab)  

Alfie’s Story Part 2 (opens in a new tab)  

Alfie’s Story Parts 3 & 4 (Explicit Version, opens in a new tab) 

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