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Ofsted research finds pupil motivation around remote education is a significant concern for parents and school leaders

By January 28, 2021National News

Published 25th January

Although remote education is helping to plug the learning gap during the COVID-19 pandemic, pupils’ engagement and motivation remain significant challenges for schools and parents, according to a new report.

Published on 25th January, Ofsted’s in-depth study on remote education finds that many schools are doing a good job of mitigating children’s learning loss. But keeping pupils motivated remains a challenge, despite schools having made strides in their remote learning offers.

Nearly half of parents who responded to Ofsted’s survey said that keeping their child focused on studying was a top concern, along with motivation and having enough contact with teachers. This was echoed by school leaders, with many working hard to increase pupils’ engagement and to find better ways for pupils and teachers to interact.

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