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Now’s the Time (part of the Justice and Equality Fund)

Deadline 27th September

Managed by Rosa, this second programme from the Justice and Equality Fund is now open for applications and aims to amplify the voices of individuals and groups who are calling for an end to sexual harassment and abuse, in their workplaces and in their communities.

Rosa want to resource imaginative, collaborative and creative grassroots activism so they are asking organisations to apply by answering the question: What would you do towards ending sexual harassment (in work places and in communities)?

They want to fund:

  • Prevention work
  • Awareness raising activities
  • Imaginative and creative grassroots activism
  • Influencing work
  • Work with groups and communities who might face additional barriers to getting their voices heard, or might be at higher risk of sexual harassment and abuse to amplify those voices
  • Work that tries out new ideas
  • Work that replicates tried and tested approaches in new settings
  • Work that others can learn from

They are particularly keen to see cross-sector partnerships where the expertise of specialist voluntary sector organisations at the forefront of this work is shared with others to help drive broader change. Organisations can apply for up to £25,000.

All applications must be submitted by Thursday 27th September.

To apply or to find out more about Now’s the Time go to the Rosa website

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