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NHS Reset: People and Communities and the VCSE

By September 10, 2020Local News, National News

Below are the People and Communities Reset report and the accompanying VCSE paper How health and care systems can work better with VCSE partners published by NHS Confederation

COVID-19 has changed the NHS and social care, precipitating rapid transformation at a time of immense pressure and personal and professional challenge. One message from leaders and clinicians across the UK has been clear: we must build on the progress made
to chart a new course.
NHS Reset is an NHS Confederation campaign to help shape what the health and care system should look like in the aftermath of the pandemic.
Recognising the sacrifices and achievements of the COVID-19 period, it brings together NHS Confederation members and partners to look at how we rebuild local systems and reset theway we plan, commission and deliver health and care.

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The accompanying VCSE paper was co-developed with both VCSE and health and care system partners, and builds upon the experiences of those participating in the Voluntary Partnerships Team’s STP/ICS VCSE Leadership Programme. 

Key points from the paper include:

  • VCSE organisations are essential to the planning of care and supporting a greater shift towards prevention and self-care. They arekey system transformation, innovation and integration partners.
  • Organisations across the VCSE sector are uniquely placed to support people and communities and are vitally important to COVID-19 recovery planning, supporting population health and reducing health inequalities. Deepening partnerships with VCSE organisations will be essential in supporting communities to rebuild and recover following the coronavirus outbreak

A New Relationship Between The NHS, People And Communities: Learning From Covid-19

How health and care systems can work better with VCSE partners

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