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New survey: the toll of lockdown on low-income families

By August 26, 2020National News

This new survey finds that

  • 8 in 10 hard-up families said they were financially worse off as a result of the pandemic
  • Almost half have had physical or mental health problems because of coronavirus
  • Parents worry about not meeting children’s needs – “I feel like a bad parent at the minute”
  • 48% have a new or worse debt problem
  • 23% experienced a relationship issue at home
  • 46% have taken on extra caring responsibilities

Coronavirus has left low-income families struggling with a significant deterioration in living standards and high stress levels a new report from Child Poverty Action Group and the Church of England finds. Families who responded in July and early August were even less optimistic about their financial situation than those who responded in May or June.

The report, Poverty In The Pandemic: impact of coronavirus on low-income families and children – based on a survey of 285 low-income families with children who are eligible for free school meals – found around 8 in 10 respondents reported being in a worse financial position than before the pandemic, and half were much worse off because their income had fallen while costs have risen. The online survey was supplemented by in-depth interviews with 21 of the families who responded.

You can read the report here

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