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New Research – Housing support and armed forces charities

By July 3, 2018National News

New research published by The Directory of Social Change (DSC), funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), finds that 78 armed forces charities deliver housing support to at least 11,600 beneficiaries annually, with charities spending at least £40 million on housing provision in the previous year.

47 charities provide accommodation services, collectively providing at least 4,700 properties across the UK, which have a total capacity to house at least 10,200 people.

Charities provided a wide range of accommodation types, which responded to different housing needs. Adapted housing and subsidised rental accommodation were the most common types of support, delivered by almost three-fifths of charities which own or manage accommodation.

Almost three-quarters of total beds are based in England, which may make it difficult for people in other regions to access housing. Further research exploring armed forces population density and regional housing policies is needed to investigate whether there is a shortfall of accommodation outside of London.

To download the report go to the DSC website

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