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New project – The Arts and Picture Stories 

By June 16, 2020Local News

Over the past years, there has been a huge increase in the number of the Minority Communities that have moved to, or relocated to, the City of Hull. This has increased the demand for services in the area that have an understanding of the issues they face. 

There can be an increased tension in communities which, if not dealt with early and professionally, can lead to spiralling violence against young people in the streets which could result in devastating losses of young lives. 

HANA (Humber All Nations Alliance) hope that by engaging migrants in a project that fills their time with arts, drama and photography it will help to avoid the life cycle of violence, gangs and ultimately time in prison  

Find out more on HANA’s website here (opens in a new tab) or contact Godwin Agblegodwin@hanaonline.org.uk or on 01482491177 

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